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Founded by Writer, Artist, and Former Director of Education of Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, Matthew Marchant... Atelier Marchant is simply a collection of Workshops, Lectures/Slideshows, and Art Events, offered in various locations throughout Los Angeles and the Valley. The idea is to bring students the highest level of Artistic Education available in a studio atmosphere. Nurturing and facilitating the Art Students skills and goals is priority number one. We offer intensive week-long workshops geared toward developing your fundamental understanding of Art.

When you take a workshop with Atelier Marchant you can be ensured that you are getting the highest caliber instruction with the most affordable prices. This is all about the student and the drive to offer you an education in art without the corporate thinking which corrupts creative endeavors...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Workshops!!! for Fall 2010...

We are excited to announce a listing of Fall 2010 workshops with Atelier Marchant.  We have a couple great artists visiting from New York, in October James Gurney and in November Master Painter  Steven Assael, as well as some local Artists Bill Perkins and Danni Shinya Luo teaching a Color and Watercolor for Illustration workshops respectively.  Here is the information on all of these great workshops listed below!
Call 661.350.1579 or email marchantatelier@gmail.com to register! 

James Gurney: 3 Part Lecture Series October 10th, 2010 from 1pm-5pm
$30 for each lecture or $65 for the entire day. 
in October, the esteemed James Gurney, creator of www.dinotopia.com and the creator of the best art blog on the internet, will be joining us to share his knowledge with you, covering three important topics, lectures, and presentations. James' BLOG (This is a must read blog for all artists so if you have not clicked that, do it now!  You will learn and see a lot of great stuff). We are very fortunate to have James offering these lectures and I hope everyone will take a deeper look at his world and art.

Imaginative Realism: How to Paint What Doesn’t Exist
This digital slide presentation examines the practical methods that will help intermediate and advanced artists translate an imaginative scene into a realistic image. The content of the talk is almost entirely updated since my 2007 lecture: Dinotopia: Behind the Scenes, which I shared with over twenty art schools and five movie studios. The topics include research, thumbnail sketches, models posing, maquettes, photo reference, and plein air studies. A slightly modified version of this talk works well with audiences that include a lot of kids.

Color and Light

The subject of color often seems like an abstract science, but it really comes to life for the realist artist when it is related to light and atmosphere, the central tools of any realist painter. An understanding of color and light is also fundamental to artists who need to create color scripts for sequential works—such as graphic novels, video games, illustrated books, or animated films. I’ll show a practical method for color organization called “Color Wheel Masking,” which involves placing one of a set of uniquely shaped templates over the color wheel to create an infinite variety of reduced triads and complementary schemes. In the course of discussing this unique method, I’ll cover most of the standard fundamentals of color: hue, value, and chroma; as well as limited palettes, warm and cool color, and perceptual effects of color vision. 

Pioneers of Plein Air  
Many professional artists have found enormous benefits from painting outdoors. This fast-paced digital slide presentation starts by taking a look at how plein-air painting was practiced in the 1830s and 40s by the American landscape painters Asher B. Durand, Thomas Cole, and Frederic Church. I show how they achieved remarkable results, and how they contended with insects, wind, and direct sunlight. I then bring the story to the modern day, discussing materials and methods of both drawing and painting media. If the talk is in range of car travel, I’ll typically bring in the actual paint set-up so that people can take a close look at the equipment.

 Steven AssaelAlla-Prima Figure Painting
Wednesday Nov.10th-Sunday November 14th (5Days) 11am-5pm $750 total

 Steven Assael is one of the most inspirational and original masterful realist painters of our time.  His poignant renderings of the details of life’s struggles leave the viewer agape at not only their own immortality, but also at the lush surfaces he deftly creates with the flicks of his brush.  Add to that his warm personality, and you have the makings of an incredible artist and instructor.

Understanding drawing, tone and value and color with a unified direct application of paint is stressed.  Simplification of form and the gradual development of the parts in context with the whole are produced through the observation of light and shadow and warm and cool colors.
This class will pursue direct painting from the model over a week.  Some time will be devoted to a painting demonstration (approximately six to eight hours).  Students are to develop rapid immediate starts establishing the whole at once.  Understanding how to develop an initial structure that’s flexible to change and develop are stressed.

Students will gain an understanding of materials and basic craftsmanship from establishing ground supports to a variety of techniques in oil paint using fat over lean principles.


Bill Perkins: Color Boot Camp Workshop
Wednesday, October 27th-Sunday October 31st  9am-5pm (each day) $575 total

If you are serious about improving your color sensitivity, this is an intense, five-day painting workout that will do just that.  I have carefully designed the format, aids, and procedures to challenge right brain processing which allows many artists to experience startling rapid growth in color perception, color mixing, and color vibration.  Because we are painting from life I will unveil color theory, not through exhaustive lectures and painting color chips but through experiencing and painting these effects as they reveal themselves in real life situations. I will set-up situations that clearly express all seven basic contrasts of color in various combination's and mutations.  As a bonus, the paintings produced by each artist during this course will be labeled with the specific applied theory, which it captures, and these will serve as documents of their personal journey, to study from and reflect on for years to come.
This course is suggested for students, professional artists, Illustrators, Designers, and digital painters.  The course will be conducted in oil paints but your experiences will translate to other mediums directly.  Some familiarity with alla-prima approach and basic color mixing is recommended.

Danni Shinya Luo:  Watercolor for Illustration Workshop  
Friday November 5th - Sunday November 7th  $245 total

An introduction to steps and ways of creating paintings or illustrations using watercolor mediums.  By exploring the property and behavior of the medium, students will learn to come up with their own appropriate styles and processes using watercolor.

Day 1:
            Introduction to watercolor surface and tools.
Exploring of Painting Process and Basic Methods

Day 2:
            Sketching, Portrait demo
            Practice in Class, Reference book discussion, Art work sharing

Day 3:
            Exploring different surfaces, textures, and mediums
            Students share art works, Painting in class.

Call 661.350.1579 or email marchantatelier@gmail.com to register!

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