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Founded by Writer, Artist, and Former Director of Education of Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art, Matthew Marchant... Atelier Marchant is simply a collection of Workshops, Lectures/Slideshows, and Art Events, offered in various locations throughout Los Angeles and the Valley. The idea is to bring students the highest level of Artistic Education available in a studio atmosphere. Nurturing and facilitating the Art Students skills and goals is priority number one. We offer intensive week-long workshops geared toward developing your fundamental understanding of Art.

When you take a workshop with Atelier Marchant you can be ensured that you are getting the highest caliber instruction with the most affordable prices. This is all about the student and the drive to offer you an education in art without the corporate thinking which corrupts creative endeavors...

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bill Perkins Color Boot-Camp 5-Day Workshop 10/27-10/31

Bill Perkins, Color Boot-Camp 5-Day Workshop 
Date: 10/27-10/31 
Time: 9am-8:30pm daily* (*ends at 5pm on Halloween)
Cost $575
Location: 15414 Cabrito Rd. Unit. F
                Van Nuys, CA 91406
marchantatelier@gmail.com or call Matt at 661-350-1579 to register

Hello Artists and Friends,

In June of 2010 Atelier Marchant kicked off with our first workshop being Bill Perkins' newly designed Color Boot-Camp 5-Day intensive.  Bill is a master in color understanding and in his ability to simplify the complexity of color perception he is genius.  The workshop was such a success and students gave such overwhelmingly positive feedback, that we decided to offer the workshop again at the end of this month!  

Perkins has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to color, working in the commercial Art field as well as a Fine Artist...
In 1990 he became the Art Director on Disney's Aladdin. As Art Director he designed the style and developed the first discrete style guide which was designed to mine the collaborative process and secure predictable outcomes. An avid lifelong student himself, Bill began teaching color, composition and design at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art in 2002. When he left Disney in 1994 he worked as a Visual Development artist, Art Director, and Concept Artist for Warner bros, DreamWorks, then moved to San Anselmo to work for ILM. When he returned to southern California in 2001, Bill opened High St. Studio as a pre-production and concept design studio with the following clients, DNA Productions, Character Builders, Disneytoons, Walt Disney Animation Studio, Hot Donut productions, 9th Ray Studio, Mass Media, Sprite Entertainment, Spark Unlimited, THQ, and Paramount Studios. In 2007 Bill returned to Disney to finish development on Bolt and continued on to art direct a short project and joined the visual development team designing for Walt Disney Animation Studios on future projects. 
This workshop will be a great learning experience for Artist at all levels of their personal artistic growth... Don't miss this opportunity to advance your skills! 

Here's a quote from one of the attendee's of the last workshop  
Scott Seeto: Concept Artist at Disney Toons studios  
"I was at the last boot camp and came away with more knowledge and enthusiasm for painting then I did after four years of art college. I highly recommend that if you can take the time to take this session, you should do it! If I could have taken the time off work I would do again. I had a great time."

 If you are serious about improving your color sensitivity, this is an intense, five-day painting workout that will do just that.  I have carefully designed the format, aids, and procedures to challenge right brain processing which allows many artists to experience startling rapid growth in color perception, color mixing, and color vibration.  Because we are painting from life I will unveil color theory, not through exhaustive lectures and painting color chips but through experiencing and painting these effects as they reveal themselves in real life situations. I will set-up situations that clearly express all seven basic contrasts of color in various combination's and mutations.  As a bonus, the paintings produced by each artist during this course will be labeled with the specific applied theory, which it captures, and these will serve as documents of their personal journey, to study from and reflect on for years to come.

This course is suggested for students, professional artists, Illustrators, Designers, and digital painters.  The course will be conducted in oil paints but your experiences will translate to other mediums directly.  Some familiarity with alla-prima approach and basic color mixing is recommended.

Atelier Marchant
15414 Cabrito Rd. Unit. F
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Matthew Marchant
Phone: 661.350.1579

Bills Fine Art Portfolio: Click Here
Bill's Commercial Work: Click Here

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